Welcome to the simplest notification API

Trigger an email or slack notification with a simple GET request.

GETPing main

What is this and why use it?

This service aims to simplify notification and enable no-code or low-code development. Here are some examples and use cases:


Monitor systemd services

For most Linux distributions, Systemd will be the officially support init process.

You can use GETPing to get notified if something unusual happens.

Cron Monitoring

Get notified when your cron jobs is triggered

Cron jobs are important but sometimes you don't know when they are triggered.

With this service you can easily append a command to your cron job and get notified.

Monitor custom events from your app

Since this is so easy to setup, you can add it to any language including javascript, php or python.

It usually takes only a few lines of code to implement this and trigger GET request.

Custom App Monitoring

Get notified when your page is hit or your email gets read

Since the API returns a simple 1x1 gif image, you can use it on your web page to count page views.

You can even create an image link in your HTML email and we will send notification as soon as the the recipient of your sent email opens and reads your email.